Free/Cheaper Hosting

Currently we have free hosting via webhostinghub who support our mission and have an excellent support team. Hosted there are:

these are all working pretty great. these programs need features that webhostinghub don’t offer: - Vultr (£10/month)
discuss.focallocal - Digital Ocean (£20/month)

It would be great if we could find a way to host them for free

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I usually host my web apps in some cloud platform like heroku or something. But then I dont have much visitors…How much traffic do we have?

vertually zero now as we promote facebook over it (i think 300-500/month). after the hack weekend i expect that to change

If nobody steps in we could potentially provide servers for the map.

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First of all sory to be far long time ı was so busy on jobs.

at the moment its not acceptable to find free hosting.Hosting companies have to make money. May our marketing team ask about advertise their host for hosting cost. One more thing may we optimize scale of servers.

So we have to clearly put on table resources we use and their resources.

by the way ı can advice its price relatively more challenger. I am using it and may be helpfull for this task.

Hopefully the marketing team will work out free hosting sometime. We have it for half of the site now