Social Media Marketing

Hi Andy, this is the SMM guy from Reddit. Why don’t you start with the type of audience you have in mind. I mean, who do you want to target through social media?

Let’s get this right first and then we can create a plan.

Welcome @themarketingguy.

Our aims are:

  1. 1st aim is to reach people who see those who are homeless and want to help, but aren’t sure what to do. Our message is that they can make a difference by helping an exciting new idea to increase the social safety net.
    We want them to find free resources available nearby and post them onto the map, which takes around 30secs on our app (food, shelters, showers, etc).
    There will be a sub message that we also have a list of things they can offer to do, if they want to provide more support.
    This could be people any age or demographic.

  2. The next step is to create Community leaders in many cities around the world (language not a barrier) who will build communities of people using the maps, and getting the word out to people who are homeless. Many of these will be existing groups who find our platform gives them greater tools to reach and support the people they exist to support. Other community leaders will be passionate members engaged in step one

You can see some posters here:

The map is currently down. It’s a small task to fix it, but the Devs are all on other missions right now

Awesome. Let’s start with the first group - people who want to help homeless but don’t know how. I checked the drive folder that you provided, but unfortunately, couldn’t find an image that I can use in an ad. Is it okay if I come up with the image on my own?

@themarketingguy absolutely you can. have a look and see what we already have 1st as maybe you might decide to use it, edit it, or get some ideas from it :slight_smile:

are you not able to view the posters and flyers folder?

Here’s a direct link, but do let me know if you weren’t as that would be something we’d need to solve/design around as we use google drive in our platform for storing files

Oh, it didn’t link for some reason. You can find it easiest by visiting the card at

Brighter tomorrow map card

@themarketingguy sorry the site was down for a few days. It was my error