About the Give a Bubble Day category

Here’s the London Event. Feel welcome to copy and then edit the text

The Mission:

It is difficult to promote the idea that everyone is coming to offer bubbles to the public, and most people just arrive expecting a big bubble blowing flash mob.

The easiest way i found to spread our message of creating more connected communities and promoting peaceful and fun activities as the norm within society, is by forming teams of 10-30 people on the day, once everyone is already bubbling, and then challenging them to go and get 10 people each who are passing by to blow some bubbles. That is pretty simple to set up, and achieves our social aim within the Bubble flash mobs.


Step 1: Create an event on our alpha map

Step 2 Use the sharing buttons on the map to help promote the event in your city

Step 3 Also Create your event here
(unless you are a collaborator from a partner group, then make it in yours and share it to our group)
(the map sharing buttons are not currently pointing here. this will be updated soon)

Step 4 Ask friends and family if they’d like to join the team, their 1st task being to invite everyone they know

Step 5 Create a topic here for your team to begin planning, and share all your best ideas and keep us updated in this Organisers Thread

Step 6 Have a look in the mirror and watch your coolness levels increase, by making your city happier and more connected :smile::sunny: