Roadmap and Priorities


We have two main paths in the site:

Build: Where users join teams and build projects, or platform and movement itself.
Gather: Where users find others nearby and take our public happiness vision to the streets.

Both are focused on empowering people to create positive change on issues they care about in their local community.
The Build section highlights project management and connecting people globally to create ideas which can be implemented by local people where they live.
The Gather section highlights social interaction locally around positive action targeting issues people care about. Users should arrive and see their local community and all the people and everything that’s going on to benefit it through the Public Happiness Movement.

The underlying goal of all our design is connection - as connected communities with effective ideas can solve their own issues.

1) Quick usability fixes: To begin engaging visitors and present a functional website

We have people and teams that want to join in and help build the site, but they cant as there are Roadblocks to its usability. Everything works, but only if a user is highly invested and therefore has the patience to work the platform out.

  • all major functions of the site identified
  • roadblocks identified
  • quick workarounds created with minimal changes to the existing architecture

3) New Homepage

Users 1st interaction with our site is the homepage. It is not doing its job in explaining the vision we’re creating quickly and directly, and then redirecting users to one of the two main paths: Build and Gather.

I think this should be a combined homepage for the token launch and platform, as the Token side project is the one with the most momentum in our ecosystem right now and looks likely now to be the foundation of our relaunch.

4) Improve teams ability to collaborate and communicate in the Build section

We need to create a platform which helps the teams building it to collaborate, share ideas and build efficiently.

  • How do teams communicate?
  • what can improve our project management experience?
  • Primary tool: Discourse
  • Discourse features: Kanban boards, Community Building, Documentation, Voting
  • Team Calendar: users often drop-off in a volunteer setting. We’ve found a Team Calendar which asks users to plan weekly/monthly times they want to be active on the project reduces that significantly, please design this into the Build section

5) Redesign the Gather section

Users should feel connected to positive people taking positive action for change in their local community when they arrive.

  • The site is new, how do we engage users who are the 1st in their local community
  • How do we increase users reaching out to each other and creating local gatherings
  • Most new users will be coming from external events on traditional social media, where the organiser will withhold the meeting point and post that on our platform. We want to engage these users, but also allow them to join the event without needing to sign up (as that drop-off will stop community leaders using our platform).