Investigate error message - new site looking for our menu?

Sitewide i see this error message. it looks to me like the platform has a link that expects to find our menu, but that menu is now suppressed in the new platform so it can’t.

the error message has changed. the above message occurs when Docuss is turned on. the below error message occurs when it’s off. the issue looks to be the same though. I have no-idea what could be causing it.

it seems to be the same issue. it’s just grabbing something at random, either from our github, or from the forum. because it’s grabbing something from different places

This one is due to a stray console.log(i18n.Whitepaper) line that was left buried in /Whitepaper/Intro/TopImageSection/

It was printing the entire contents of the whitepaper subfolder in i18n. Deleting the line so it doesn’t cause any undue worries :slight_smile:

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Thank you @ArtyS. Don’t forget to move the card into ‘done’ once it’s finished. I’ve moved this one for you :slightly_smiling_face: