Add Docuss to

news.focallocal needs set up with Docuss. I’m not sure that will be easy, it might be better to speak with Syl. If we can have it on each page created in the wordpress forum that would be cool (i can delete the menu).

cpanel is at
@AndyatFocallocal can grant access

ideally this would be to recognise paragraphs and put a balloon after each. I understand that might be challenging though. new pages will be created often so it needs to be a dynamic solution, or a passive one as mentioned before with the site being in Docuss but not interacting with it for now.

the Docuss documentation is here: Components - Docuss

Is this still in progress @AndyatFocallocal?

I’d be happy to have another go at setting this up but I’m nowhere with cPanel

  • all the username/password combinations (including the password you set up for me and shared on slack) give me an “incorrect” error message.
  • I’m able to login onto the ftp site but I believe I’m restricted to a blank subfolder and don’t have access to any of the site files

I think the best thing to do is to give you my password. This is an issue we’ve had quite often so if you can find a way to resolve it while in there please do.

I’ve fixed it in the past, but it seems to arrive again each time someone new needs access. While in there, do you want to drop it into the ‘morehappiness’ page too?