Pitch Deck Creation

Ideas and inspiration for a ditch deck:

  1. Webinar World 2019 - Lovely how it blends real world and real people with cartoony graphic design.

  2. Just a general guide to follow for structure - It won’t all be applicable in our use case

  3. Unique and attention grabbing colour scheme - Maybe too much?

  4. Yalo - I want a professional look like this, but its far too dull. We’d want to improve on their graphic design and real world imagery integration, like Webinar World (#1) pretty well. We want something significantly more striking and engaging, which #3 achieves through use of vibrant colours.

  5. Story telling with brevity and impact is something i struggle with. Perhaps a story telling forum might like to join in if i create a… briefish overview. Then we can give that story to the pitch deck creators