Kanban format leaves a forced left-margin

I think this is replicated from the margin when in normal mode which is there to center the forum box… will see if I can play around with the plugin CSS to remove it in Kanban mode.

I tweaked the kanban css slightly to (in my opinion) improve the alignment:

Here are the changes I made to the kanban css (keeping a record of it, as it’s something that will keep reverting every time you update the component if they release any updates):

		flex-direction: column;
		align-items: flex-end;
// 		Min width changed and rest commented out by Arty to fix left hand margin:
		min-width: 100px;
// 		min-width: 50px;
// 		width: calc((100vw - #{$large-width})/2 - 4px);
// 		flex-shrink: 0;
		padding: 0;
		margin: 0;


    justify-content: flex-start!important; // <-- added by Arty to remove forced left margin
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That looks much better @ArtyS, awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Want to add a line to that which hides the ‘unassigned’ column too?

Sorry, I mean ‘untagged’

Ok I’ve done it - and it does the trick for the moment - but we should keep in mind it’s very “fragile”. Problem is the author doesn’t assign any identifiable html class name or id to the cards on the page, so I kinda fudged it by selecting “the before-last div inside the container”; as the last div is just a blank spacer, this ends up hiding the Untagged card. If he/she changes the logic in the future we’ll need to update this too. (I wanted to select by innerText=“Untagged” but turns out css doesn’t support this yet apparently which is a bummer)

.discourse-kanban-container {
    div:nth-last-of-type(2) {
        &.discourse-kanban-list {
            display: none!important;   

EDIT: as of latest version, this tweak is no longer necessary

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if that will improve the plugin and your ability to customise it, add it to the ‘backlog’ section in the ‘missions’ section in this category (…or fix it)