Spreading our message Globally will have bigger wings with translations attached, to help build a following in different countries and languages

also translations for the website and projects are a huge help :slight_smile:

@maria did a fabulous job translating into Spanish and Catalan

I’ve just invited Dominika who has offered to create some Polish translations for us :slight_smile:

@Julita can you discuss with Dominika what translations she can do with our videos? i imagine subtitles, or voice over of the documentary will help us get into polish film festivals

Hi Julita!

Yup I would definitely be interested in subtitling. I’m trained in captioning/timing as well. I have never done voice-over before but could probably try it. It could also be a good idea to transcribe/caption English subtitles for deaf/hard of hearing and create an audio description for the blind, what do you think?

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@Julita someone is talking to you :slight_smile:

Hi @sunblossom!

I’m so sorry for being so late… Better late than never right?? :slight_smile:
Your help would be really cool, for the documentary I’m going to speak with Robbie and see what he say. Maybe will have to translate the whole thing :slight_smile:
In mean time you could maybe translate few videos we have on youtube, They don’t have much text but still, could be nice to get them translated.
So would you be up for it Dominika? Please let me know :slight_smile:
Those are the videos should get some subtitles.

Also audio description for the blind would be a step further. It’s an interesting idea. First we need to make Focallocal bigger, and together we can!!! :slight_smile:

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Yup I will gladly translate some of it, although not sure when I’ll find time for now - moving to London for 6 weeks next week so everything is a bit hectic atm. Sorry about that but I will get in touch when my life is in order again!