Find a place to put important links to resources for each community


I just came across this, which i assume you set up

That looks to me like a fantastic place to store the teams important links! Works perfectly on mobile, and in both list view and board view.

Slight limitation that we ordinary users will need an admin to pin a link there, but i don’t see that as too much of an issue.

Each team will have at least one admin, new users wouldn’t be likely to suggest a new important link until they become more experienced, and experienced users will know who the admins are to tag when the team agrees they want a new link pinned.

I’m not sure if you set this up, or if it is pulling that dynamically from the ‘about’ category, but i like it.

Umm… the actual links probably need to updated as we won’t need Trello there anymore, so i’m not commenting on the content of those links, just on how they are presented

both, hehehe. We will need to tweak these descriptions from the category descriptions.

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that sounds like a big issue resolved then. where to put useful links. i think there should also be a thread which users can use to post links which aren’t important enough to be in the header.

so that’s suggesting a ‘general discussion’ and ‘links’ thread as default in each category and sub category.