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A general thread for the architects who build the foundations for the amazing work all the other teams do to make this world a better place to live in

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i just received this email offer from Aaron for help and would love you all to join in the discussion:

I’m really impressed with what you’ve done with this app and would like to help. I imagine the ideal setup would be one of the following:

  • VPS - I’ve got experience configuring servers using Docker to run node apps like those built on Meteor. This is likely the cheapest option but difficult to automate scaling and such.

  • Cloud - The ideal option (though likely more expensive) is to host this on AWS or Google Cloud. We can automate scaling, backups etc…

Can I ask a bit about your current setup? You mentioned 3 servers are in use at the moment, where are these hosted and what are the rough specs? Are these VPS’s set up specifically for this app or do you use some sort of platform built for node like Heroku? How much is this currently costing you?

Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply! we have free, unlimited hosting kindly provided by their servers are unable to run Meteor though so we have our Wordpress site over there. i pay for all the hosting out of my own pocket, so a few more deals like this would be pretty awesome

also the html pages for the Action Center and Gather for More Happiness Movement are hosted there

The Brighter Tomorrow Map and Positive Action Gatherings are hosted on Vultr.
1 vCore
RAM: 1024 MB
Storage: 20 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 2.9 GB of 2000 GB (0%)
i’m paying $15 a month for this

We also have this forum you are using now, which is hosted at Digital Ocean
Ram 2 GB
40 GB Disk Ubuntu Discourse on 14.04
i pay $20 a month for this

Pawel who set up the maps doesn’t think that the map databases will scale well, and obviously at some point we’ll run out of RAM

We’d also like to merge the databases so that users can login to the Focallocal network. this would also make creating apps for each project much easier. atm the Discourse Database and Wordpress Databases are sync’d

My biggest concern is that none of these is being backed up automatically. we only have backups for the wordpress site. …i also don’t have any more money so we are looking for free solutions, funding, or ones which cost no more than the $35/month i’m paying now