Set up 'tools' in the header of all categories

Note: you may need admin privileges to complete this task

Estimated Time Limit: 30 mins
Need to Create Documentation: No

All categories and most subcategories should have tools posted in their header. To begin with that will be the links in the related card in the ‘Build’ section.

To add links into the header you can either click the ‘edit category’ icon, or you can edit the 1st thread created in that category (which will normally still be called ‘about’ or ‘general discussion’).

The header will only show up until the end of the 1st line of text, so the format will need to be:

Tools: [link] - [link] - [link]

There is often a delay before it updates. I found it easiest to leave the tab open and move on to the next one, then return to the later and refresh the page whilst clearing your cache. (cntrl+r or cntrl+f5 on windows)

  • The 1st link should be the ‘Getting Started Guide’ which is the 1st post on every page. If not already edited it will be called ‘About the … category’

While changing these please check that the ‘Getting Started Guide’ looks similar to this one: Getting Started: React Js and Meteor. With lots of headings. The ones not updated will be obvious. Please post those in a comment here:

Hi! Already finished browsing the links who doesn’t have a short description and links(Getting Started Guide, Join the Team, other tools):

1. Public Happiness Projects
2. General Discussion
3. Your Personal Happiness Journey
4. The Challenge
5. Web Developers (but all sub have banners)
6. Megaphone/PR -
Graphic Design (Sub)
Copy Writing
7. Treasure Hunting
8. Admin and General
9.Researchers and Academia
10. Community Building
11. Money Trees
12. Systems and Project Management
13. Happier World Economies
(lacks Getting Started Guide)
14. The More Happiness Movement
15. Public Happiness Token
16. Documentation
Web Dev Documentation
Community Admins and Moderators
User Manuals
Team Leaders
17. Suggested Activities
18. Communities
19. Online Gatherings for Fun

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Great work!

I’ve created a template.

Can you create a new task in the Admin and General category. Call it add/merge getting started pages from the template

I think it should take around an hour. The ones which have some good text already in that page can you try to copy/paste it into the correct sections in the new template. Anything generic can be ignored. These pages are for the teams to modify to their needs, so they don’t need to be perfect.

Oh, i think you can ignore the banners in the documentation category

Will do, thanks!

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