Expanding existing form(s) (POA - 3 different forms)

Thought it worthwhile to create a card for the form building task because it might end up being one of the more time consuming, so I wanted to confirm what the goal should be there were some bits I wasn’t 100% clear on (or track the desired goal if it’s something still being discussed).

The way I understand it is we will need 3 different forms depending on the use-case:

  1. Individual users creating events
  2. Individual users putting themselves up on the map to indicate availability
  3. Charities/groups (creating events? flagging themselves on the map? or both?)

A couple of followup questions from, that determine how these are built:

  • should all three types share the same database? I reckon yes, because all saved inputs would be visible on the same map?
  • what should the access points look like for each type of form? e.g. individuals’ event form accessed via the “gather” button, individuals’ “put me on the map” form accessed via another button on fl-maps? etc…

This is probably happening in the general UX design discussion, but this separate card helps me track what task(s) I can do now vs where I’m still waiting on external input :slight_smile:

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