Ideas for your excellent homelessness supporting initiative

Here’s our Brighter Tomorrow Map project, built by over 100 volunteer web developers. Its being used slowly, we’re currently improving the UX to make it easier to use.

If you visit: and click Projects you’ll find the Brighter Tomorrow Map card. In it you’ll find posters, and other resources which you are welcome to use any of, also a list of ideas which might help shape your offering.

Also i suggest asking here what things are the most useful in a care package: as the people on there are mostly homeless people, its a self support group. I drop in every so often to try and offer advice.

The Connection at St Martins is an excellent shelter near you. I’ve emailed our contacts there to see if it’ll be ok for you to come and give out care packages. If they say yes then i’ll connect you.

Also, you can publicise a drop off of clothes and items you request for your packages in our Facebook group.

Another suggestion would be to create a list of items you want and take a box to train stations and cafes so the public can join in donating things for your packages.

Good luck,
Andy :slight_smile: