Successful Reddit Post for UX Designers in Pubic Forums

Less is More**

I’m increasingly finding that less is more when positing in public forums. The adverts just stating our goals and giving a fairly open view into what we are building seem to gain more traction. This post with no details drew more inquires in multiple forums and skills sets, than the longer one below. (note: the same doesn’t hold for job and volunteer websites)

Putting a volunteer team together to launch a non-profit platform at the World Economic Forum, designed to bring more peace and well-being to the world. Would you like to join in?

The Longer One

We’re a community of volunteers, building a platform we believe can increase well-being for everyone around the World, launching at WEF in January. Would anyone here like to join in? (self.UXDesign)

The backstory is that we’ve been a community of volunteers around the world, getting people active where they live to increase community connection and use positive projects to improve issues they care about, like homelessness, global warming, isolation, etc.

Traditional social media was becoming an ever more ‘pay to play’ environment, so we dropped it and began building our own platform, designed to allow the vision to massively scale and increase the well-being created.

We’re all volunteers in the project and we’ve been coming together to create more peace and well-being in the world for the last 8 years. I should mention that we are exploring a blockchain token to reward people for doing work which benefits their local community but is currently unpaid in our current economic system.

The platform is here. As you can see we greatly need UX support.

Its definitely best to join in because you want to see a positive change in the world, but anyone who contributes will also receive tokens for their efforts. Maybe they’ll be worth something soon, maybe not.