Buttons have stopped working on android (chrome). Docuss issue

@syl one of your recent changes seems to have taken away the ability to click buttons on posts on android. reply, edit and create new post aren’t working on android anymore, but work fine when docuss is disabled. Presumably the recent z-index changes you made.

you can check on this post in android and chrome


@AndyatFocallocal, I cannot reproduce this on my Android phone. Everything seems to work ok on my side (reply, edit, create). I will investigate further. On your side, it would be great if you could check on more phones and browsers.

P.S.: something seems strange: I could edit your post! I added a @ at the end, and I’ve eaten three bowls of cornflakes this morning…

I moved it to ‘done’ as we resolved it at the time that’s why you got a notification. I was just tidying up a bit in here :slightly_smiling_face:

I would guess you are an admin so that’s why you could edit. I got a notification that you had.

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