iPhone bug is still active

@syl a new Dev just said they couldn’t scroll down on iPhone

Would you please ask them to provide an url where the problem occurs?

I’ll let you know when they reply. I got the impression it was the home page.

Here’s the phone model:
iphone 6s

@syl He said it’s on every page

The issue should be fixed now. Please upgrade the Docuss plugin to its latest version.

I’ve found 2 new minor issues in iOS:

Would you please ask your team to confirm on their devices and let a note on github? Thanks.

@ArtyS @MarinaOhNo: you’re both on Ios aren’t you? can you please check these and let Syl know if you see them

are these resolved now @syl ?

No, I think they are not. I have access to only one old iPhone and the issue is still there. Would you please ask on your side and confirm?

@bob you were kindly looking into iOS for the app build. Are you in a position to check these bugs atm?

Looks like both of the bugs with Docuss are still there on iOS 13.3.
I tested on the XCode Simulator with iPhone 8, 11 Pro Max and an actual iPhone SE.

I think these bugs won’t affect the functionality of PHM.

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