Going BIG Guide!

Public Happiness Activities

here’s a simple step-by-step guide to a fabulous gathering!


Here’s a tried + tested formulae that you can follow to create a successful gathering

Public Happiness Activities are tools you can use to create little ripples of cultural change, to gradually transform where you live …and the whole world, into a more friendly, connected, safer and happier place to live!

So lets create a magical gathering together!

Step One

Pick a time, location and meeting point suitable for your public happiness activity and create it on the map at https://publichappinessmovement.com for other Public Happiness Hero’s nearby to join

be a happy dictator about the time and place, as discussions almost always turn into a long discussion trying to make everyone happy and end up with the activity not happening at all

you can easily update the details later after discussions with friends or helper for now, you choose an initial time, date and location

Step Two

Write a personal message to 5 -10 friends/contacts who you think might be interested asking for their help in bringing some positivity to your city

Send them a link to your activity on https://publichappinessmovement.com, or another social media site if you’d like to use one as well/instead

Step Three

If you’re going BIG say a warm ‘Thank You!’ to those who agree to help, and send them this .pdf

Ask them to complete Steps 1 – 4

Alone that should be enough to bring a good sized crowd on the day

Step Four

Have a Facebook? Follow this guide to invite all your friends in your city with just one click:


Create the activity on other ‘events’ sites using the links and the copy/paste tools on the final screen after posting your activity on https://publichappinessmovement.com

Also ‘like’ ‘share’ + ‘re-tweet’ the event, and give it a social media boost

The Delicious Details

If you can get 4 or 5 people to complete those steps your event should already have enough attendees to begin growing organically, and to draw interest

(It only takes about 30 attendees for an activity to start snowballing on its own)

Now invite the most enthusiastic helpers to join your core team, and lets add the finer details that will really turn this into something special

You can also post in the event and attendees to invite their friends, and if any of them would like to join your team

Adding Value

The event will achieve a much bigger impact if your team is able to entice along these people:

  • local news groups/ reporters

  • Celebrities living locally

  • professional/ amateur photographers

  • local film makers

  • musicians

  • people/ groups working on related subjects

where you’ll find them

  • Linkedin search

  • Couch surfing

  • Google search

  • Go talk to local groups

  • Twitter

  • Online

  • Forums Universities

  • asking in the event page

  • YouTube channels

  • Ask if friends know anyone

  • Posting ads in Gumtree, Craigslist

  • FB, Meetup, Google+, Linkedin Groups


Contact the Media

  • National Press, look for their submit a story page

  • Local Press

  • University Newspaper

  • Ask us/find Positivity related media

Post/Create events

  • Gumtree/Craigslist

  • Google ‘Things to Do’ in your city (Timeout, etc)

  • Meetup

  • Couchsurfing

  • Eventbrite

Social Media

  • FB+ Google+ events/location groups

  • Related groups on Twitter

  • Create a # (hashtag)


  • University Radio

  • National Radio

  • Invite local celebrities + ask to tell their followers (Twitter)

Contacting the Media

Include this in your contact email/press release to media:

An Exciting Headline Intro:

a paragraph with who, where (name of location and time), what and why?

Event Description:

A brief description of what will happen on the day, full of exciting descriptive words


  • Keep it short and to the point, less than a sheet of A4

  • simple with bold headers for each section if possible

  • Don’t include lots of attachments, just 1 photo is enough

Follow Up!

Ask attendees to send you:

  • (originals, not from FB)

  • Quotes

  • Articles

  • the Best Photos

Send to those who published the event:

  • Videos

  • Local Bar’s

  • Parks

  • Say a big thank you to everyone who came!

  • After Event Drinks/Picnic


Its far to easy to spent the day of the activity stressing about details. Trust me…

Dont! Relax and have fun.

All your planning has been done.

Everyone is going to have a great time.

If something doesn’t go as planned you can respond with creativity and a smile. You worked too hard to be the only one not enjoying yourself today.

smile and laugh along with the wonderfully positive atmosphere you and your team brought into existence!

You are now a Public Happiness Hero!