Switch the forum to operate on tag-pages

The forum can easily be converted to operate on tag-pages rather than formal structures, by going to all threads and categories and adding new tags to them. for example, if i add the UX tag to all threads in the UX category, they are now available as a tag page here: https://publichappinessmovement.com/tags/ux

The biggest advantage is cross team collaboration. Say i want to embed a culture of positive and proactive action into the platform (which i do). This is a task which initially can involve the UX and Community Teams. Later it can involve the Copy Writing and Coding Teams.
This is easily accomplished using tag-pages as it will appear in all teams tag-page that its tagged in, so we can collaborate and discuss the build together. Tasks can also be in multiple teams if they could be solved by either.

This requires someone in the Ruby-on-Rails Team modifying our Kanban Boards and Header Banners to work on the tag-pages otherwise we’ll lose them.
Note: Banners has been made to work on Tag-Pages, but we need to test it out before using it: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-category-banners/86241/71

As mentioned above, we simply need to add tags to all posts which match their category on the forum side. Once complete the Action Center links need to be updated and its done :slight_smile: