Gratitude Thread


Who’s doing amazing things to grow our Movement? Post your gratitude for the efforts of another member giving the gift of their energy and passion to building the community, and our mission to create a friendlier, happier and more at peace World!

example: I’ve been to 3 of Davit’s Free Hug Gatherings in London and want to thank him for making that happen so i can give my love and hugs to the many people passing-by and brighten the days of the people who i share a city with :slight_smile:


Davit has been truly amazing…brightening lots of people’s world!! Keep it up Davit :heart:

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to Matina, David and Julita. They were all absolutely brilliant these past 3 days in representing the spirit of our community perfectly to Robbie in our 1st days of filming for the upcoming documentary.

Davit did a great job leading instrument making workshops which made the Tube Jam a success. Matina lead a perfect Take a Smile full of positive energy and created lots of new Happiness in Hackney. Julita was the most enthusiastic camera person I’ve ever seen when behind the camera, and the happy face of a long-term Focallocal member for the cameras too (and she let me use her shower :wink:

gratitude also to Robbie for seeing in us a story worth sharing with the world, and giving his skills and positive energy to make something special happen x

You guys make my life, and the world around us, amazing!


I’m very glad Matina started being a regular on the group, bringing all that energy, positivism and (good) craziness into every project, thank you for that! :slight_smile:

BIG thanks to Andy! For being there supporting all the positive actions and without whom none of this would exist, you rock! :smiley:

Aaaaand last but not least, wanted to say thanks to Julita for giving all those good vibes… and (not) making us nervous when being recorded! Haha :wink:


Just wanted to say I’m really glad I met you guys Matina and David :slight_smile: Both of you bring a lot of good vibes to the community and I’m always soooo happy to hang out with you :slight_smile: On either Focallocal activities or socials, it’s always so much fun so THANKS GUYS and see you soon :smile:

Also simply THANK YOU Andy! You know for what :sunny: :sunny:

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i’m grateful for all the hard work @LittleSarah put into creating a new Positive Action Activity for our community, and leading her 1st ever Focallocal Activity!

well done Sarit :smiley: xXx


Well First of all i want to thank life for I join people with same heart desire … and not only desire but also the decision of turn it into real…
I want to thank Andy for creating this space, for let me in …being part of this…
and all of you for doing something to build a better World…
love for all…

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