Discuss suggested dog bubble hero image

What about if we change the main homepage image to random pictures of dogs with bubbles?

It doesn’t have a message really, except ‘welcome, please smile’. On the other hand, I would be pleased to see it each visit :slightly_smiling_face:


I think dogs would represent happiness and the friendliness aspect. However, I think there should be some type of image theme around the overall mission of the project. If users see dogs as the homepage, then some might think that the website has something to do with dogs.

Dogs WITH bubbles!

…though i still see your concern. the suggestion is one made out of desperation really as the current banner is horrifically cheesy and we’ve been talking about changing it pretty much forever.

Longer-term, our tokenising idea to create a new economic system based on engaging local people in solving issues to improve well-being on a local community, individual, and global level; has opened many doors and has all the momentum right now so it should become the new face of the community. That means moving the Token intro so it is our new ‘logged out users landing page’. The issue here is the same, the current version is all text and needs UX and UI support.

Would you like to take on turning a text intro into the new ‘logged out users landing page’, as your 1st task @aeglobal?

Sure. I’ll probably ask you a few questions once I start working on it.

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