[Banner plugin] Allow text and links to be added to Tag-Banners

We use category banners to give a quick intro to each team or project, and to add any useful links for team members.

Unfortunately the Tag-Banners plugin doesn’t allow text (or colour schemes in the settings which are a nice touch). Please create this functionality in the Tag Banners Plugin:

or modify the more complete Category Banners plugin to work on tag-pages

@ArtyS i came across an issue i overlooked previously. I didn’t realise the tag-banners plugin didn’t allow text and links to be added. Is that a similar change to the kanban plugin?

@Petro the code arty wrote for making the kanban plugin work with tags I recommend as where to start this task.

You can see the edits arty made so it would also see ‘tags’ here: https://github.com/artysidorenko/discourse-kanban-theme

Update: this should be modifying the categories banner theme component. It also needs to take care not to show hidden tags as docuss users hidden tags and we don’t want the plugin to show those as a banner. When i turn it on now the Docus tags which are non-nonsensical strings, also show as tag-banners.

@syl we might need your guidance in understanding how you hide the tags now, and so we can use the same mechanism to ask the plugin to ignore these tags.

This should be easy, as tag hiding is done through CSS only. Here is the CSS code: https://github.com/sylque/dcs-discourse-plugin/blob/master/assets/stylesheets/docuss.css#L172

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