Highlight Tasks tab light blue

The tasks tab would be far more visible if it had a light blue background

That would be great. I don’t see those options at all when logged in:

You don’t see the Tasks tab!?

Can you access this link @ZaraAlyssa https://publichappinessmovement.com/tags/ux/l/latest?board=default

Yes, I can see the content from the link posted above.

If you look at the screenshot it isn’t there.

I got an email invite to this topic, but got the error, ‘Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!’, from my email link. Can access it fine if I navigate there myself.

This is what I see from the link you posted.

yes, that’s correct. you should have a ‘tasks’ tab attached to every tag in the forum, so if you click the UX tag you’ll see a ‘Tasks’ tab

There isn’t a tasks option in the ‘UX’ dropdown or the ‘all categories’ dropdown and it doesn’t appear as a menu item. Perhaps it is a permissions thing? I think that when I wanted to post to the introductions thread I was asked to create an account. It would make sense that as a user I wouldn’t be able to access ‘tasks’.

i’ll look into it. we’re building a community where all the users are the teams, and also the owners of the platform. so everyone should be able to access the ‘tasks’ tab

Is it possible that I have the ‘board’ button with a red background where you have the tasks button? If I click on ‘board’ it looks like it stays on the page you provided the link for.

I can see that menu from the link you sent, but not from the introductions or UX start-here threads.

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can you please send me a screenshot of this page: https://publichappinessmovement.com/tags/ux

Not to worry, i ‘impersonated you’ @ZaraAlyssa (…a native admin tool which is faaar too powerful and we will have to find a way to remove to protect users privacy. for now please don’t send anyone on here any love letters or private secrets)

@ArtyS this is bizarre. the UX team were very confused trying to find the ‘tasks’ tab i guided them all to, because for non-admins it is called ‘board’. For me its called ‘Tasks’ which is what i set it to. @MarinaOhNo what do you see on those pages?

This is what i see:

I see tasks

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You’re a moderator so it must be different for admins and mods. i’ll look into it and ask the theme component creator