Where should pages for Communities on our platform live?

Existing communities joining our platform, or new ones created by users, need to be able to create a homepage where they can be searched for and post their description.

Communities are created on the Gather side, although some will also be building projects globally in the Build side, their natural home is on the Gatherings Map side.

Many will choose to put a small description and link their own website. Others will put a full description and use our site as their primary platform.


  • Discourse ‘groups’ is a perfect fit for members to join to show they are part of a community, and designed to help them have their own social and collaborative space.
  • Docuss provides the bridge between their group in Discourse and our Gather side (Reactjs).
  • We can create a tag with a link to put on all projects their members post on the map, which when clicked takes users to their page on the Gatherings Map.

Note: once we find the correct place and system for this, please create a task tagged for the webdev team to build it, and include this link to the Focallocal community about page as the 1st project page the create on it: https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/blob/master_withoutDCS/imports/both/i18n/en/whitepaper/archive-focallocal-about