A few bugs?

@ArtyS I see a two probable bugs here.

  1. the titles we changed to concise and more depth. in the page it still shows Short and Longer. Actually i think it’s better this way, just a worry that its different to the i18n file.

Users can’t post without selecting a category, but aren’t allowed to select a category. Only admins can access the category menu.

@syl can you see what’s causing this?

When creating a Docuss topic, users (including admins, unless they press alt+a) cannot choose a category. The reason is explained here. Is this a problem?

The problem is that it’s asking them to choose a category before they are allowed to enter their message… and they can’t.


This is happening on all pages. Maybe the default category isn’t set properly?

My guess is that you changed something in your Discourse instance to oblige users to choose a category. This is not the default Discourse behavior.

@AndyatFocallocal regarding #1, yeah the titles were hard-coded; let me know if you want them linked to i18n too.

Fixed the issue with the category: all topics to do with this page are linked to the “Whitepaper” category on docus, BUT the “Whitepaper” category was never created on Discourse.

I added the category on Discourse manually (I didn’t fill in any details but you can do that directly) so it will work. We just need to remember that any category we link on Docuss needs to be created manually in Discourse first.

Don’t worry about the titles

Can you link it to the Token category where the comments are now please Arty, for those 4 pages.


This category: https://publichappinessmovement.com/c/focallocal-token

edit: not to worry. i worked it out and added that to the documentation for next time