Discussion: How can we feature the team who are most active?

I’d like to feature all members who contribute to building a project, or supporting a team in the Build section. Can we make something like a leader-board so if someone puts a lot into building a project, or supporting a team, everyone can see that they did that. The system should also pull in user selected details from their profile, like their personal website, github account, linkedin, etc.

@AndyatFocallocal, such a great idea. Would love to help out if I can with this.

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Cool. See if you can find a natural home to fit it into this design

@Andy, will have a look.

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Are you having a go at the app mod this weekend? If not I’ll ask if Arty can have a go at it. It’ll help our communications greatly :slightly_smiling_face:

@Andy, is this for the leaderboard/dev appreciation section? Was thinking I’ll draw up a wireframe for it? Or you want to jump straight in? Which pages would you want it on or all? Do we need access to your API?

@AndyatFocallocal, happy to help out with the wireframe. Think I need to get more up to speed with the technologies first.

No, I meant the React task I asked if you’d like to try earlier. Converting the discourse app into an app for us by hiding the browser bar, and changing the default homepage