UX planning and discussion

@NJUX @danyalamriben I forgot to mention that the final message with the platform and then also with the token is look at all this that has been done to benefit your world, and local community (referencing our past work).

‘imagine the impact and difference in the world if there were 100, 1000, or 1,000,000 people doing the same. That’s our mission’

…something close to that

@danyalamriben @NJUX @AlecAaron

i would love to add you all to our team page now that you’ve all added value to our build. If you would like to be added can you please send me a link to a profile picture somewhere online, and fill this in:

“title” : " ",
“image” : " ",
“subtitle” : " ",
“text” : " ",
“linkedIn” : " ",
“twitter”: " ",
“github” : " ",
“facebook”: " ",
“google” : " ",
“website” : " "

(up to three links. link to an online profile picture. no spaces between " ". Text up to 40 words)

Just a reminder that you guys have a board in Trello which you are welcome to use or redesign :slight_smile: oh, and another reminder that i’d love to add you to the team page (unless you’re waiting until it’s redesigned before putting your name on it… which is :sunglasses:)

Sorry about the url, Trello’s recent switch to limit boards is another reason to switch asap. I’ll put ads out for a few Ruby on Rails to fix the plugin that @danyalamriben found next week.

Or any of you are welcome to jump on that as it’ll be a few days before i can fit it in.

If I can start screwing with discourse plugins, I will. meaning, am I allowed to? I didnt understand how it would be dependent on V2 plans. I just need to know when I am allowed to make the discourse more usable. If Trello has so many limitations, and we plan to move from it, I am hesitant to use it. I dont think it’s very great for what it does, and I would prefer to use Nuclino for the research planning or Airtable. We would be using trello to basically make things look pretty to outsiders or make stakeholders happy, not because it’s a practical or optimal choice for the UX/Research team.

You can begin playing with plugins over on publichappinessmovement.com. don’t invest too much time into one though because your work will be wiped when we move this forum over to there. You can play with them and make notes so you can just follow those steps again when it’s ready.

I’m struggling to get an answer to where exactly we are with the switch. @ArtyS posted a screen shot of it all working on his local computer, so it could be very soon… tbh I’m not totally sure.

My thoughts are that we’ll mostly just be directly copy/pasting Trello over into the forum kanban plugin, with the slight difference that each team/thread will/can have one and a little tidying

So from that point of view Trello isn’t great but it does make the transition easy. Nuclio looks great, but it’s very limited by team numbers. I makes worry that it will make things more difficult for anyone new to join the UX build, or to collab with designers, UI and Devs. If they do we are stretching the team further across more platforms when our aim is consolidating.

Let’s wait to hear from Arty. It might be just a few days until we have a platform you can work on.

Essentially we need to balance three things.

  1. If you guys wont use it, then no-one will. So improving it is our priority
  2. How much is it slowing work down right now?
  3. If the team spreads across multiple platforms it requires me to operate as a go-between for teams, slowing down communication

The aim is for our forum to be the central hub, with important channels sync’d with Slack as some people especially web devs really want to use it while working. We need an eta from the web team to inform that decision really.

as a side note: i think we can make a simple plugin to allow users to use their own Google drive for storage in the forum. This forum already supports google doc files, so we’d just be expanding that function by creating a side section for pinned files.

Or even easier, we make a ‘files’ list in Kanban, so everything will be in one place