Bug: i18n states 'Resource Category', map shows 'Event Category'

This is for the Brighter Tomorrow Map, which is the fl-sleeper branch

The correct title is set in i18n, but the map appears to be loading a different title from somewhere else.

edit: this one is also not displaying correctly

contact_info": “Details for accessing the resource”,

it should display ‘Resource Category’ to the user

here’s the i18n file: https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/blob/fl-sleeper/imports/both/i18n/en/new-event-modal.json

here’s the page it looks to be called from: https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/blob/master_withoutDCS/imports/client/ui/pages/Home/index.js

This seems to be a wider problem. Some code in brightertomorrowmap is not being called correctly. this task should be updated to review all i18n functions on btm and check they are being called correctly.

in some instances the live brightertomorrowmap.com site isn’t calling the correct word defined in i18n

Update: @tmcnulty is looking at this, it looks as though BTM isn’t compiling correctly. Ask myself or Tom what the status is before beginning this task please.