Meteor Maps, ReactJS

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This beautiful map has been custom built in Meteor by our amazing team of volunteers since January 2016

This is the main channel. You can also use Slack as it syncs here, but will need to use this forum when collaborating with other teams (Graphic Design, SSO, copy writing, etc)


  1. Issues can be found in Github milestones.
  2. Choose one and comment that you are working on it and when it’ll be complete by
  3. Discuss solutions, suggestions and collaborations here
  4. Visit the Hero Hub and post in Mission Complete to share your achievement with others, and let the wider community know what is going on

Our Meteor Maps are the platform for uniting people to create positive action around the world on our gatherings map, and in changing the game for people who are homeless by connecting them with people in their community who want to help, along with ideas for how, at the brighter tomorrow map

Lets build a revolution!
Andy :0)

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@ydaniel98 Slack seems to be down, so i guess now is as good a time as any to begin moving the team across to here.

i’m having all sorts of problems finding and editing that code. its just spread to wide, and i think the files i upload are likely to break the map. at this point, i’ve spent far too long on it and i’d be far more effective for the launch and map if i got back to bringing people together and contacting the media to get the map out to the world.

i’ve put all the changes i wanted to make into a text document, would you be able to update it for me please?

temp - update text on map.doc (14.5 KB)

@spartano @ydaniel98

would either of you like to run the maps through a few testing sites and see what suggested improvements come back?

here’s one i was thinking of using:

i thought it would be better if the people replying were discussing it directly to those who will implement the changes

@ydaniel98 good job with the 2 tone dots on the map. the brighter colours are far easier to see against our bright map now :slight_smile:

@ydaniel98 having a lot of feedback about the modal windows putting people off from completing their entry. scrolling down is not intuitive for users especially when there is a dropdown so they have to scroll down in multiple windows

@AndyatFocallocal What do you suggest we do. Add a noticeable scroll bar maybe?

@ydaniel98 i’m not sure tbh, just that there must be a smoother solution. are there any forums where discussion is specifically for modal windows which we could ask in?

or perhaps we need to replace drop down selectors with something like a full screen selector which pops up ontop?

@PublicHappinessAndy That could work.

more feedback. a lot of places offer more than one resource so users were confused what to enter. their shelter had showers, toilets, washing machines, food. can we make it possible to select multiple categories when creating a listing?

also, an event might have free hugs, and bubbles. so selecting more than one category would be fine for both maps.

i’ve made an issue in github, but mentioning it here also as this and the dropdowns in the modal windows are of high importance as users found them a barrier to entering resources

@ydaniel98 critical bug. resources posted, even when ‘forever’ is selected are expiring within 25hrs and being removed from the map

@PublicHappinessAndy Found the cause. It’s my fault, it seems I forgot to update the queries. It should be a quick fix and the events that were created should appear back on the map.

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@PublicHappinessAndy I came up with a quick fix that should work, I’ll do some testing tomorrow and deploy it right after.

thats great news

@PublicHappinessAndy I just pushed the changes, events should now show up on the map as intended. Sorry for not noticing that error before.

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no worries. thats what alpha is for :slight_smile:

i just put new ads out for more devs to join in again.

where are we at? did you get all the plugins we found to improve the forum up and running, or did the urgent bug pull you away from that?

just spotted the users online plugin. looks excellent :slight_smile:

@ydaniel98 here’s a pop up solution i came up with for the drop-downs on modal windows which are causing users issues. i’ve seen it on other sites recently so i think it’s becoming fairly common. it’ll work great on mobile devices.

the 1st modal window would need to be updated with this system

i guess we should match it to our logo. here’s the a green we can use: #72C444