Tag Mission Statements

Our navigation in the Global (this forum) side revolves around the use of tags and tag pages. Each Tag Page has a banner with text and key links in it:

The text for each should be a Mission Statement for all who decide to be part of the team and community operating that tag page.

Why We Need Mission Statements

The Mission Statements set the culture of our community, and involve all members in designing and owning the culture they have created here.

Who creates the Mission Statement?

  • Stage 1: The 1st person to create a new tag can set its mission statement.
  • Stage 2: At 10 active users on a tag-page the Mission statement should be reviewed, with each member suggesting a new Mission Statement which addresses what impact users there hope to have on the world, the people in it, and other members of our community
  • Stage 3: At 100 active users on a tag-page the Mission Statement should be reviewed again. This should a two step process, with an open discussion for 2 weeks to gather ideas and see which have the most support. Then everyone can submit and vote on proposals drawing from the discussion phase, during a 2 week long vote to re-write the statement
  • Stage 4: At 1000 active users the community repeat the steps in stage 3

All Mission Statements should be related to delivering the main Community Mission Statement on the homepage