Final Draft Discussion on New Forum Redesign

You can read the full plan - also please sign up and give it a heart to help it draw attention.

4, 5, 6… to infinity and beyond

Note, in the final design I added an ‘other tags’ slider, and put ‘stats’ into the floating navigation footer, merging ‘discussion’ and ‘tag page’ into the default view

We also have a slightly different search bar on the home page. This is a little tricky to build, but I think users will want different options on the homepage

Issues not addressed by the plan yet

  1. Part of this navigation’s power is in combining tag-pages, for example the following url combines the ‘reactjs’ and ‘ux’ tags. How do we make that easy for users to access?;
Maybe a ‘+ tag’ button in the search bar?

@UXers what do you think?

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