Recent Feedback on Current Website

Two people gave me feedback on the current website. I summarized the first person’s feedback. Then, the second person I just copied and pasted what he said.

1st person

  • viewed the website on mobile and found the current logo to be too tiny when it is next to the “Global” tab

2nd person

"The logo is a little blurry, I would recommend one large background image with a dark overlay color and the text “Local Action for a Global Change” larger, centered vertically and horizontally on the background image, and in the brand orange color or white.

I would also replace the beige background for a white background, and then put the first three paragraphs of explanation (from "How can I take… to the “Sign up and Begin” button to the left immediately under the home screen graphic, and put the search bar to the right across from all that text, maybe with a US or world map with dots where all all the hashtag posts have taken place.

They also need a footer where I would recommend expounding on the header menu options.

Hope that helps! Good luck with the rebrand!"