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We have three servers running three (possibly later 4) different areas of the site. Groups on the day will want to be able to work without breaking the live site, and stopping other groups working.

What is the best way to achieve this?

I would suggest VirtualBox to virtualise the set up. With Virtual Box there is no networking really required, it has an “internal network” setting available for each interface in addition to a NAT function so simply install extra NICs on the virtual machine to use as a gateway.
What server platform would be used, I’m afraid I’m Windows only for now.
I have 32Gb RAM and 8 cores on my home PC, I built this for running Virtual Box etc when I was at Uni and dont mind creating some resources and giving access (I can just image my running setup and restore it after)
Would that help?
Oh Hi everyone I’m Dougie :slight_smile:
Oh my bandwidth I have 160 Down and 10 up

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Hi @Papercutpete that sounds ideal to me. I’ll wait to hear voices from others with more technical expertise than me, but its a lovely offer :slight_smile:

Cool , I have my MSDAA account server ISOs and Virtualbox allows you to clone so I could setup 4x server 2008R2
install some access software and whoever is best suited can do configs.

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@Papercutpete are you online? i’m here in London with the team we’d love your input and those servers up :slight_smile:

Hi Guys I was waiting to get word on what was to be built - as it happened I had to attend to family matters.
Do we have any technical info on what these servers are to do, any info about the existing topology would be enough along with what they are running.

Could we work with a bit more structure please guys?

I’ll make an online storage space so we can dump files and notes in it.


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@eldavimost @ydaniel98 @henrik @kirstystubbs what are your thoughts?

@AndyatFocallocal Virtual box is a great idea, it allows for a lot of flexibility.

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I agree. @papercut If you’re setting up the virtualbox, what happens to it if you for some unimaginable reason decide to leave the project / finish uni?

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YES!!! i got a notification for this! the email notification issue is resolved!!

Finished so im BSc Network engineering, I have 100Gb on Google drive and would transfer the server that way.
Virtual Box is crashing with my anti virus and another unknown so I’m now on VM ware , found it on the Pbay so licencing is an issue, I’ll bash on with Virtual Box as sometime is preventing child objects being made - will start by uninstalling Bullguard