Dogs on Ice MEGABOWL


  • To raise money for conservation efforts, making the dogs hero’s for conservation
  • To get more shelter dogs adopted, and raise money for the shelters.
  • To create a light hearted and enjoyable community event, an entertainment filled sporting occasion for a good cause that everyone can enjoy
  • To raise public awareness of challenges facing our earth, and create a fun way people can support. Information on how to actively help locally endangered species will be threaded into the event

The Events

Dog Shelters come together to battle out to win the golden MEGABOWL trophy in our league on Ice. There events will tour different locations, and then bring the winners together for a final.

Promoted as a ‘serious sporting event’. The events will parody events like the Champions League or Olympics with everything massively over-the-top, especially promotion of the teams star players.

Shelters bring a team of dogs they think will enjoy the occasion and battle other shelters in competitive tournaments of fetch at an ice-ring like this

Packed with top quality entertainment around the races, with a humorous focus. Dancers, magicians, bubble blowing. Sing-along’s in the crowd. Dog related sports chants created. Puppy figure skating (local puppies invited to play on ice).


  • Each shelter receive an equal amount of the gate receipts for participating.

  • The dogs are each given a social media profile for fans to follow which we promote.

  • The audience participate by downloading an app where there can also vote to give dogs bonus points for things like ‘style’ and ‘being a good dog’ (the latter would have only one rating, a 10)

  • Our players who get adopted are invited to the next available event and a huge fuss made over their career and retirement plans. We can also include ‘legends’ games for them at breaks during the main event.

  • We can approach sporting companies who are used to creating these kind of events

  • Big teams and lots of alternates. Dogs who are scared of occasion absolutely don’t have any pressure to compete. The prize money is the same for both teams

  • A fun family friendly version of gambling will be encouraged via the app. Each dog will be racing for a conservation related cause, and the winnings will go to the cause, rather than the gambler. Career winnings can be shown on the dogs social media, and displayed as how much they’ve earned for important causes to show them as hero’s to potential adopters.

  • Staff and volunteers from the shelter who the dogs know will be paid to be their handlers for the events

  • There will be a ‘red card’ sin bin/ ‘dog house’, and substitutions for dogs who quite understandably get overwhelmed with excitement

  • There will be yellow cards for accidents on the ice, and also brown cards.

  • Dogs will arrive earlier in the day to learn or be reminded of the game, while we play loud crowd recordings and test equipment like lights, to acclimatise them to it

  • The events will be live streamed to reach a wider audience. Dogs may wear GoPro sized cameras

  • The MEGABOWL will be a golden dog bowl which the shelters can either actually use or put on display

  • People adopting the dogs will be given their pimped social media accounts so fans can carry on following their lives, and also everyone can keep an eye that they are being treated well