Merry Xmas and Happy New Year thread

I just wanted to say well done to everyone for all the fabulous effort you’ve made this year to bring more peace and well-being into the world with us, and with your smiles.

We expect to have this new site up and running soon so you are the 1st here and the ones who are building this place into a warm, friendly space where the waves that follow can come to take action on building a friendlier kinder world.

Current updates are:

  • We now have an android app you can download thanks to amazing work by @bob and @paul-phm.
  • We have a new logo almost ready to roll out for the ‘Public Happiness’ re-brand due to outstanding designing by @isaiahgirard
  • We have a new MVP site ready to be built thanks to @ZaraAlyssa @aeglobal @Rachel_Carton @AlecAaron @NJUX
  • One of our flagship projects, is growing users quickly and making a difference to people living on the streets all around the world. Its most active with ‘resource requests’ here: where @ninjapenguinlips and @TheBigTea are doing great work growing the community and finding people who are homeless we can all help with our project.
  • We have a community puppy who’s being trained ready to help out with filming events. You can follow @Wiggles by googling #wigglesthecameradog
  • Our filmmaker dropped out of creating a promo vid, so i’ve been working on an art-battle to create cartoon strips to explain the community and vision to the public. You can follow, or join in, here:
  • Our blockchain token is ready to go, just waiting on the new website so we have somewhere to invite people to come to and engage in building a world with more peace in it. @lylycarrillo @SarbKlair @MarinaOhNo are ready and waiting for the site to be ready so we can tell the world about it.
  • The dev work on our maps has stalled. @msgfxeg has offered to jump in and get that side ready so we’re hopeful that it’ll be ready to host International Pillow Fight Day, No Pants Tube Ride, The Worlds Biggst Eye Contact Experiment and more this summer, as well as connecting many kind hearted people around the world to create positive change together. We have @tmcnulty @ArtyS and @mordka who are supporting and helping out when they can.
  • @Rachel_Carton @zdbrenda and @jmark17 are new here. Please say hi to make them feel welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What are you excited to see with our community this year?


Looking forwards to the coming year with you all. The biggest step forwards we made in getting the map helping people came from an idea by u/afastfoodemployee who helps moderate the reddit sub.

They suggested we take ‘resources requests’ where people who are homeless post their location, and other users in the sub google for resources to help them, or post in FB groups asking local people if they can offer to do anything to help. That took us from a scattered approach to filling up the map, to actually helping people who are homeless right away. Seeing the help was actually happening now rather something we were promising in the future, started growing the community around the Brighter Tomorrow Map project a lot faster.

For the new year i’m hoping the community will grow 1000x bigger. The biggest holdup right now is that the users don’t see replies to their messages. I’m hoping someone in the web team can hook that up as i’ve been told @syl has built the solution already.

Lots of love <3


Wishing you all a 2020 full of opportunities, peace and love <3


I’m looking forwards to everything, absolutely everything!! …and also working out why i can’t change my profile photo :stuck_out_tongue:


I second @TheBigTea’s sentiments. In The Brighter Tomorrow Map things are growing nicely. The site still needs a little tweaking, but it is actively helping people which is exciting to see after a very long build!

Happy New Year all :heart: