How to post photos or short videos to our Instagram, Twiiter and Facebook accounts

If you’re arriving directly here and don’t know much about thew community yet, here’s

a little intro

We’ve been a volunteer based community for the past 9 years focused on creating happiness, peace and well-being by empowering people to come together and take positive actions on societal issues where they live.

We were largely Facebook based, but that became a far more difficult place to run non-monetary communities as they switched to a ‘pay to play’ model, so rather than carry on with a platform who were actively working to reduce our ability to organise and reach more people. 2 years ago our volunteers began building our own site to support the community - and that’s where we’re at now. We plan to relaunch in the next 2 months and so its a good time to begin building up a social media presence (something we always neglected in the past).

Your Role

Is to browse photos of people being kind and spreading happiness in public, and to send it via whatsapp where i’ll explain whats happening for people and post it to our Instagram account and Facebook.

I suggest a mix of online and internal photos, although you can choose what mix you enjoy most.

Finding a Photo or Short Vid

On The internal database:

  1. Visit The Global Section
  2. Find the ‘Marketing card’, scroll to the bottom and click ‘All Media’
  3. Explore the folders and find a photo you want to share
    (or use the hot links in the banner of this forum)

Or online:
Find someone doing something kind to make others happier in a public setting. Ideally not religious or containing any other messages. The message we want to promote is simple

‘kindness to ourselves, our communities, and our planet’

Or in the ones we did actually get around to posting on Facebook:

Then copy and paste the url into the Daily Kindness Photos thread on this forum, and @PublicHappinessAndy will copy them into our media accounts.

You can make that easier by downloading our app here

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