Successful post in Reddit for Web Developers

A volunteer community of React Devs have been building an app/site to change global homelessness by building stronger social safety nets in communities. It’s basic but has begun helping people. Could you improve it?

Platform: Reddit, r/reactjs

This post worked well. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it and was surprised to get so many replies.

To break it down, I guess:

  • it appealed to them as a community with an identity (React developers).
  • It showed that we are actively helping people after a long build by many other kind React and Meteor Developers.
  • it posed a question. are you able to improve this, setting the expectations that it’s not great yet and making it a challenge

…or maybe i just got lucky and got a few quick votes which gave it momentum. Lets try a similar one in the future and see if it also gains traction.