Bug: Geolocation blocking is breaking the site in Firefox

report from a user:

I use firefox.

I turned geolocation via IP off, by the method described here:

…but there are other methods, like add-ons, etc.

And other browsers have similar ways.

There has been an increase of sites asking for permission to access location, again and again, so people has started to simply disable it in different ways to not be bothered with popups.

Some privacy add-ons, also turns this off or breaks it more or less.

So its best to both check if the browser has it, and if it actually works.

The dev console in firefox shows these errors:

TypeError: navigator.geolocation is undefined

TypeError: "navigator.geolocation is undefined"

The code needs to test properly if that part can be run, and just continue if it cant.

Now it chokes and dies there and everything else after (like rendering the whole page) never happens.

@syl this could be relating to the geolocation feature in Docuss, or the one in our maps.

I’v just checked the Docuss code: the navigator object is never used.

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must be our map side then. thank you :slight_smile: