Discuss: I found a smooth looking Discourse Blog theme, should we convert our Wordpress Magazine to it?

Here’s the plugin with a working example.

If you click Magazine you’ll see the current wordpress site which is currently hosted on our old site. @syl has already made a Wordpress plugin so we can transition it to the new Publichappinessmovement.com site, which will speed it up - although it will always be slow as wordpress is, especially with the amount of plugins we are using.


  • Faster
  • Looks smoother
  • Probably more intuitive out the box for users to post a blog/magazine post. a function which few have found on their own
  • Using less diverse codebase makes maintaining it easier
  • More secure as we remove the SSO communication and account sync between the two user databases


  • We would lose all of the plugins, like the Instgram link, the link to our shop, the donate pages, etc.
  • Extra work (we can also plan to do this but shelve it until more urgent building is done)
  • Loss of many external links pointing to our site
  • We’d also need to find and update all internal links

@UXers does it look better?

@WebDev How easy would it be to pull all of the posts and pages into a new site?