Problem to solve: using the app users can't share a page with anyone as the address bar is hidden

We need to find a solution as I often have to open the web version so I can share a direct link to somewhere with someone.

I think the normal solution is a ‘share’ icon

@bob noticed that there is a share button, it’s just hidden on the app/mobile. it’s the one at the bottom of the comments. i guess this task is now where should we move the share button to, and then send it off to the ruby on rails team to code.

The share button at the bottom of posts isn’t hidden on the app at all though.

It’s in topic controls on my phone. Maybe that’s ok, I’m not sure. I didn’t see it so some others will miss it too.

The button I was talking about is the chain icon next to the like button under each post. That opens up the share menu for the post. I didn’t even know there was another share button under topic controls.

Oh, I guess that makes sense. It looks like ‘add a link’ for those not using short code

@UXers what do you think we should do about it?

It’s a function that will bring in more members from the outside so quite important. Myself and Bob found a way to share, but not the same way and I had to be told to search for it.

Is it ok? Should we change the icon, move it, make it more prominent?

Ah, I stumbled across another sharing issue with the app. Click on a tag. You can’t share the page you arrive on with others. Tags-pages core to the way we’re setting up our build.

Also users can’t refresh the page (usually I think that is enabled by scrolling below the bottom of that page)