Testing and builds

@vutran @caike08

Hi guys, I’m glad to see you’re around and interested in taking some work. Do either of you have experience with tests? Can you take a look at our jest code and let me know what state it’s in?

I’d like to be able to build out our Travis CI with running these tests as a pre-build step.


Hello, I am know more on less on unit testing with mocha, jest with React app. I don’t know much about Travis CL. Where can I get jest code? is it root project of FL-maps?

Do I just run ‘npm run test’ ?


Yep, they’re within the test directory in the project root.

npm run test

will start the suites.


After I run that command I get alot fail test on fl-map master_withoutDCS branch:


can someone confirm this is correct?

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@tmcnulty and @ArtyS know the most about the tests from the currently active devs. Once they are running again it would be great if you could create documentation for them @vutran, so anyone working on them in the future has that to refer to. (create a normal post in the react or sysadmin categories and add the tags ‘documentation, reactjs, webdev, sysadmin’)