Create new page and copy text over (good 1st task for members learning our codebase)

The page here:

Community Values

is one of our primary pages and it loads on our old site, which is very slow due to conflicts with Docuss (and being very slow).

It would be good for someone to follow the creating a new page in react guide in the documentation, and recreate the page. Feel welcome to change the layout and style if you think you can improve it. Please keep the text the same.

Then please add Docuss to the page in the balloon format. For a working example of Docuss balloons search the github for an example page like searching ‘why’ on this page in our repo (the ‘whitepaper/why’ directories and the i18n ‘phm/why’ page)

@ReactMeteor team, this would be an excellent task for a new team member to learn their way around our codebase.

(we will probably move all of our old site over to a React based CMS, or keep wordpress and pull the info into React, which is quite a popular approach at the moment i think, so it loads fast and seamlessly with the new site) Alternatively we’ll add Docuss to React so it loads faster again. If any of those approaches appeals to you go for it :slight_smile: