[Tag Navigation Plugin] creation of new plugin to bring tag navigation to the center of the user experience

New ‘Tag Navigation’ plugin created which puts tag pages at the center of the user experience.

It can be based on the code in this excellent discourse Popular Tag Sidebar

Tag-page Navigation Boxes

The Tag Pages Theme creates boxes. In the mockup these are the boxes in the center of the page, and they look just like the category boxes in discourse.

The ‘tag-boxes’ show the most commonly used tags at that tag intersection. If i am on the ‘webdev’ tag-page it will show the most commonly used tags there, which would be ‘ruby-on-rails’ ‘ux-design’ ‘reactjs-and-meteor’.

Actually that’s not true. It would be ‘backlog’ ‘sprint’ ‘doing’ and ‘done’. We don’t want that so the plugin can also suppress some tags sitewide.

Admins should be able to define the maximum number of most commonly used tags shown. I think default should be 6. At the bottom is a hyper link users can click to show ‘more’, which then shows all of them (except the ones we’ve excluded sitewide …backlog, doing…)

Task removed from list. It may not be necessary anymore as our navigation has improved. We should discuss it again as the userbase grows