[Splash Page] Creating a new home which looks like the forum, but operates slightly differently

A modified version of the normal pages created as a splash landing page

Styling will be the same so its a quick task. Here’s an example of a site doing this: https://thepavilion.io/

Using the following plugin you can create a full page banner somewhere on the site and redirect new users to it: https://meta.discourse.org/t/versatile-banner/109133.

Underneath the banner would be basic forum stats:


(don’t show ‘flags’. what other options are there that we could include here?)

These stats are in at /admin, in the general section and available via Discourse Api.

At the bottom of the page please put a ‘more’ hyperlink and include these stats when users click the ‘more’ link:



There would be no search bar in the banner of this page.

The floating footer has three different options. ‘About’ ‘Join’ ‘Community Values’

Users on the logged in user landing page would be able to return to this page via clicking ‘overview’ in the floating footer on the logged in user landing page.