Install program to test site for vulnerabilities

I did a scan with this for both PHM and BTM and it didn’t find any vulnerabilities.



Awesome. Good job @bob and @SysAdmin :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

You get to switch the card to ‘done’ Bob

FYI you could have installed the program locally and scanned it yourself if you already have npm installed.

How do I switch the card to done? I’m trying to find it but there’s no menu anywhere.

If you’re on a desktop you go to ‘boards or tasks’ and drag it over. If not you just edit the tags by deleting ‘backlog’ and adding ‘done’

The :pencil2: button next to the title

I can’t edit it because I’m not an admin. There’s also no ‘boards or tasks’ I can see.

Hmm. We’ll have to change that setting somewhere. Sorry, I’ll do this one and look at changing it tomorrow.

Tasks is here when you are in a tag page. Just click on ‘sysadmin’ to get there

Oh yeah I remember seeing this board before but I couldn’t find it again. Wasn’t it in the menu before?
Also I tried dragging the card to done but it says I’m not permitted to view the resource.

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I’ll check the settings today :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re creating a floating footer to make it easier to find and use

@bob you can move cards now. users need to be above trust level three… which isn’t ideal but we can work with it for now.

I tried and it still doesn’t work. Looks like I’m not trust level three yet.

Sorry Bob, that was our test account I changed. Just added the extra level to yours now

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All good, I can move the card now.

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