About our community and where we are now. 18/02/2020

@scottrobel i hope you don’t mind but i turned your question into a post in the documentation section so i can point others to it.

The Public Happiness Community used to be called Focallocal, we’re just about to relaunch after shrinking our capacity down for the past 2 years to switch away from Facebook, which was working against our mission rather than supporting it in their quest for profits and pay to play content.

Since 2012 we have been a volunteer community focused bringing people together to find and create fun ways to bring more peace and happiness to where they live, and to the world - ‘Local Action for Global Change’. Some of our members wanted to build global projects so we also developed a ‘Global’ section, while staying true to our local grass-roots values by focusing this on building projects which are either delivered by, or designed to empower local people to tackle a cause. Like Brightertomorrowmap.com, which creates a social safety net of kind people who want to help those who are homeless nearby, and collects effective ways they can offer support.

The ‘Near Me’ (local) part is an system designed to help people gather together and take positive action to benefit issues in their community through positive actions. It’s also an alternative for other groups who are already doing this in non-monetary ways, so they can all make the shift from Facebook and benefit from each others communities to grow. A place to find all the great non-financial groups using kindness to create a happier world.

You can see our community values here: https://news.focallocal.org/the-focallocal-community-values/

Part of the relaunch is an exploration into creating an blockchain based economy that rewards people for taking positive action on issues in society that are currently ignored by our predominant economic system of today. If it succeeds it’ll transform the world. If not it’ll be the coolest internet points system ever created. You can read more about that here… it is quite a long read, but also includes our switch to a reputation based decentralised governance and ownership model. As it’s implemented you’ll become every bit as much of an owner of the project as me: https://publichappinessmovement.com/docuss/whitepaper

We hope to reward those excellent groups, which are mostly run by people like me who struggle through life because they see something that needs to be done in the world around them in order to create a healthy happy society, but our economic system is ignoring it… and it ignores them too.

Lastly, if you want to see some examples… well unfornately i’ve always disliked social media and recording what we do, but there are a few fun videos which gives an idea here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV5vm0mYy3VM-I461q7QfcQ


I absolutely Love What You are doing!
This gave me a ton of motivation to contribute to the projects development!