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I have listed the results for both sites combined. The first scenario all the participants guessed correctly when it came to meeting other people around them. Majority of the participants answered correctly for the fifth scenario. Can anyone explain what the Ideas menu tab will include? This is what most people selected when they wanted to find PR and videos about PHM. Also, is More just the about information for PHM? I think the # names should be looked at again as well.

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Scenario 1
Meet other people around you

  • Home (0)
  • Global (0)
  • Near Me (100%)
  • News (0)
  • Shop (0)
  • Profile (0)

Scenario 2
You are new to the site and want to find information about PR and videos that PHM has created.

  • Global (5%)
  • Near Me (0)
  • Ideas (45%)
  • Magazine (18%)
  • My Shop (5%)
  • More (27%)

Scenario 3
Find information on current projects being built targeting issues you care about.

  • Global (33%)
  • Local (24%)
  • HappinessHub (38%)
  • Token (5%)

Scenario 4
You want to find #marketing and #environment.

  • #Most (0)
  • #Common (14%)
  • #Tags (81%)
  • #Plus (5%)

Scenario 5
You and your friend want to plan an activity with other community people. Where would you go to plan an activity?

  • Global (14%)
  • Near Me (81%)
  • News (0)
  • Shop (5%)

That’s very interesting! :slight_smile:

Do we know who users / creators of social events usually are? A lot of people working in associations and NGO that I know are not very tech-savvy or quite old, and may not understand what a “tag” is. Maybe I could try your survey with people from my work who are not very advanced with technology.



That would be cool. A lot of feedback we’ve had from our community in the past when testing designs showed that many of them were not tech savvy at all, and missed things that I thought were very intuitive. Then others who were tech savvy had no issues at that point at all.

…This is back when we were operating on slack or Facebook so I can’t pull up the results or specific points they struggled on. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up since then after Meteor was almost deprecated and we panicked and rebuilt in React, so I doubt any of it is relevant other than that our average user is not tech savvy as a regular internet user would be. I expect they are more savvy with IG/FB app style designs now then they were then though.

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