Daily Kindness on Instagram

Hey guys,

I started an instagram page last week that’s dedicated to sharing good deeds and random acts of kindness that people have experienced or witnessed. The idea is that people send them to me and I create a nice post with a cute illustration to accompany the story. I also post positive news stories via the account as well.

I’m trying to get it off the ground at the moment but I need a lot of content to create posts until it catches on a bit more and then becomes self sustaining. Someone on Reddit mentioned this website and said that you’re always looking for people to share kindness.

So I was just wondering if there would be an opportunity for us to partner up and for me to share/post some of the content that you guys have? I’d obviously give you guys credit and link to your site and what not.

Would be great to hear your thoughts!



Hey, Ross
Welcome to Public Happiness Family :blush: :orange_heart:

Wow, such a fantastic idea with instagram for good deeds. :star_struck:
Of course you are welcome to share all our content.
@AndyatFocallocal will guide you where our content docs are.

We’re working on making this platform the place for people to easily create small actions for global change. Together we can make a world a better place.
People who you’re you posting about in your instagram welcome to join our platform and create good deeds together, and in a future be rewarded by that with our public happiness movement tokens.
We’re in a process of making this alternative economy of kindness a reality for all of us.

HUGE thank you for what you’re doing :orange_heart: :pray:
Can’t wait to see more people spreading more peace&happiness. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :orange_heart:

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Absolutely you can @beacon we’d love to reach more people and encourage them to bring kindness to the streets where they live.

This site is in pre-alpha stage so it’s not the easiest to navigate. I’d suggest you join the Social Media team so you can keep in touch with whats going on and some of the cooler projects you might want to specifically hook into the publicity wave for.

If you click ‘Global’ and find the Social Media card you’ll see a link in there for ‘All Media’. There are Terrabites of photos and videos of Kindness being taken to the streets in there. Most of it has never been posted anywhere… because i suck at social media myself. That’s why i/we began building this platform.

Then click join to join visit our workspace and click join in the banner to join the team, so you get notified of all the big kindness events.

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Hey guys,

I’ve just checked out the content and there is a ton of it. Thank you so much! Really excited to get started posting now.

@AndyatFocallocal - no worries about the site. I managed to find it easy enough. If you guys need any advice or help with UX or UI though, just let me know. I’ve been designing apps and websites for over 10 years now so I have a fair bit of knowledge that I’d be more than happy to share :blush:



Aw, @beacon this is fantastic you’re an expert in UI&UX. :star_struck:
Your contribution would be incredible helpful for our community. :pray:
@AndyatFocallocal please guide @beacon where he can contribute.

That’s very awesome, you are most welcome to join in with the build. Sounds like you’d want to join the UX and UI teams, and also any specific language you code in. Those all have a ‘getting started’ guide in the header which will introduce you to how to join in. I’ve not written one yet for the social media team, I’ll try to get that done tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, as your posts align so well with our mission you’d be very welcome to share them in our social media channels if you’d like. They have been neglected while we were building the new site, but should get you a few thousand views.

Probably best to stick to one or two/week if they aren’t sourced from our Movement so as not to flood them. If it’s from our communities material you can post as much as is optimally recommended for that platform.

If you do want to share on our channels let me know and I’ll introduce your profile so people know where its coming from.

It’s great to have you here :sunglasses::star2: