Build the Movement main thread

Tasks anyone can do to help grow the Public Happiness Movement. Tools: Missions - Resources - Telegram

Rule 1: Be enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive to others here.

Each little ripple of positivity created by Public Happiness members around the World has the power to change lives. As more and more pro-active and positive people join in, those ripples of positivity will turn into an unstoppable tidal wave bringing a lasting cultural change for a more connected, happier and friendlier World. A World where people realise the power they have by coming together with a positive plan.

Use your skills and positive energy here to make that change!


  1. Click the Tasks tab and find a task you can tackle, or…
  2. Discuss here ideas for new tasks
  3. Assign a task to yourself and move the card into the “Sprint” list until complete
  4. Move the card into ‘review’ …when complete
  5. Know that you’ve done something to build a friendlier, happier and safer world for us all
  6. Profit?!