Adding Translations and Languages

All text visible to the user is easily (headings, descriptions, etc) is easily translatable to create a platform which is truly international. The users browser tells our site where they are visiting from and it automatically returns our site in that nations native language (if it exists).

Note: We should also have a language switcher toggle somewhere, but that hasn’t been coded yet @ReactMeteor team can someone please create a task for this.

All user facing text can be found here.

To translate:

  • copy/paste the text from i18n files and edit the text fields into the desired language
  • post below here and @ tag the reactmeteor team who’ll upload your translation (after running it through jslint to check for any syntax errors which have creeped in

@WebDevelopers it would be great if someone could create a front end form where users can update these text areas. Its possible right now, but also likely users may delete or add something and create a syntax error.